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A flat business card is transformed into a 3D storefront for Paper Built.


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Founded by Sarah Morrison in 2012, Paper Built is based in Baltimore, Maryland. With paper as a medium and tapping into Sarah's architectural background, our products are thoughtfully designed with high-quality materials and a hand-made touch. While creatively conveying life's highlights and milestones, our products are created to surprise and delight.
A snippet of a gallery wall above a colorful yellow desk is shown in Paper Built's Baltimore studio. A collection of quirky things, such as a paper mache bust of Sherlock Holmes, rests on the desk.
A mood board featuring yellow items, such as a yellow bow and giant yellow paper ring, are displayed on a mood board in Paper Built's Baltimore studio.
Burnt out from all the reading and writing required to finish a master's degree, I began to design fun invitations for my nephew's birthday party. Boxes soon followed. Empowered by the response on Etsy, I began to create more and more. My product range expanded to die-cut invitations, craft kits, dollhouses, and more. Ten years later it still brings me joy and happiness to hear how an invitation delighted guests or how a card brightened someone's day. 
Our studio is located in a historic sail factory in the funky Hampden neighborhood of Baltimore, made famous by John Waters' Hairspray. Brimming with artists, collectively our building opens occasionally for tours.

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A former industrial mill in Baltimore, Maryland is pictured, showing the office space of Paper Built.
A collection of vintage children's scissors is shown grouped on a distressed background.


Producing high-quality, well-designed, and useful products is important to us. From countless prototypes in the design stage to carefully selecting the right American printer—local when possible—to methodically doing the finish work in-house, each of the products we produce is intentional. Getting it right is an obsession.
Our products have a hand-made quality to them. We die-cut each print in-house, by hand. If assembly is necessary, that, too,
is performed in our studio by hand. There is a lot of love and care that goes into each and every product we produce.
Working out a new design in a sketchbook and then applying the illustration to a 3D prototype.
A custom steel-ruled die is used to die-cut an oyster sheel greeting card.
A 3D paper pencil, a Paper Built product, shown packaged and in its built form.


Paper Built has been selling on Etsy for nearly ten years, consistently maintaining strong sales and stellar customer service.
We have developed wonderful relationships with our customers over the years. Below are some of our latest reviews. 
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